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What I offer...

Hire for group yoga classes, community classes, or private yoga/meditation sessions. Within any class, we dive into the physical and cognitive benefits of yoga: the balance between strength and flexibility, effort and ease, all while focusing on mindful movement and mental presence. Ultimately, my classes offer a moving meditation where you connect your breath to movement. All classes are all levels. 

Teaching Schedule:


4:00-4:45pm Hot Power Express - TruFusion 9&Co.


4:30-5:30pm - Movement Rino



6:30-7:30AM Flow - Movement Rino

9-10AM Power Flow - Movement Englewood


6:30-7:30AM Hot Power Vinyasa - TruFusion 9&Co.

10:15am Heated Yin - TruFusion 9&Co. 

Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call to see how I can be of service to you! 
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