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I am a yoga instructor, educator, and student of life. It is my intention to share yoga as a pathway to embodiment of the whole human. 

My classes offer a blend of pranayama, fluid movement, intentional sequencing and meditation. Each practice is designed to be a container for transformation and hold up a mirror for self-reflection. I offer tools for energetic regulation, stress management, and compassionate support to guide you within your self discovery. 


"Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked."
This quote by T.K.V. Desikachar resonates with my practice, as yoga is a journey through the self by uniting the mind, body, and human spirit. 


In-Person Teaching Schedule:


7-8PM Heated Restorative - Allumen Yoga



6:30-7:30AM Flow - Movement Rino

9-10AM Power Flow - Movement Englewood


4-5PM Hot Hatha - Allumen Yoga


6:30-7:30AM Hot Power Vinyasa - TruFusion 9&Co.

9:30am Hot Flow - Allumen Yoga

12:00pm Hot Roots - Allumen Yoga


5:15-6:30PM Heated Yin - TruFusion 9&Co.

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