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"I am that I am"

This mantra can be used as a POWERFUL meditation technique that's quick and easy to do at any point of your day. The expression makes us feel safe, supported, and connected with the flow of the entire universe.

There are 3 steps:

First, close your eyes and meditate on this phrase, "I am that I am", for a moment. As you inhale, say to yourself “I am”. Then as you exhale, say to  yourself “that I am”. Once you have a rhythm established with your breath, start to contemplate the meaning of this mantra.

Second, contemplate your source of breath. Where does your breath come from? How does your breath empower your human existence every day?

Lastly, through visualization, contemplate the 7.7 billion human beings across the the world that are living according to this same rhythm of breath. Let your breath empower you with a feeling of interconnectedness.

This phrase originates from the Hindu mantra "Sohum"; meaning identifying oneself with the universe and the ultimate reality. (The mantra meditation I shared can also be practiced saying, "So" with your inhale, and "hum" with your exhale). In my interpretation, the powerfulness of this phrase rests in the unity behind it. Aka human beings are equally divine and interconnected. Our exchange of oxygen with the Earth is just one example of our interconnectedness. In the Bible, God states, "I am that I am" to Moses in the cave by the burning blush. The expression of this phrase can be interpreted differently, but many interpretations seem to contain the same truths.

I'm wondering, what truth does this mantra speak to you?

Planting Hope in your day ❀

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